The sinless one to Jordan came

The sinless one to Jordan came
To share our fallen nature's blame;
God's righteousness he thus fulfilled
And chose the path his Father willed.
Uprising from the waters there,
The voice from heaven did witness bear
That he, the Son of God, had come
To lead his scattered people home.
Above him see the heavenly Dove,
The sign of God the Father's love,
Now by the Holy Spirit shed
Upon the Son's anointed head.
How blest that mission then begun
To heal and save a race undone;
Straight to the wilderness he goes
To wrestle with his people's foes.
Dear Lord, let those baptized from sin
Go forth with you, a world to win,
And send the Holy Spirit's power
To shield them in temptation's hour.
On you shall all your people feed
And know you are the Bread indeed,
Who gives eternal life to those
That with you died, and with you rose.
Text by G.B. Timms, 1975 (New English Hymnal)
"Solemnis haec festivas" is from a late 17th century French Graduale

Llandaff Cathedral Choir
Icon by Deacon Matthew D. Garrett