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1968 Hoheit scanned by Mike Shae (check back as he adds more pages)

Fellow alumni, this is your page. I'll work on it as time permits. We have pictures from the 1993 Grand Reunion in Dallas, the 1999 Mini-Reunion in Estes Park, the big 1996 Reunion in Heidelberg, and a few other things I had around the house. Please send me more stuff, and I'll post it as time and space permit.

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2011 All-Years Reunion in Heidelberg

Jim Nelson, Linda Christenberry Traenkle, Margaret Harrison Ward, Bob Hyde, Gina Foelsch Breece, John Covert, Claudia Sterling Zahorcak

2001 All-Years Reunion in Heidelberg

Cliff Chadwick, Linda Christenberry Traenkle, Jim Nelson, Claudia Sterling Zahorcak, Bob Hyde
John Covert, Michael Jennings, Patricia Dickson

2000 Gatlinburg '66-'69 Reunion

Claudia Zahorcak '68 and Bruce Landry '68

More pictures from Gatlinburg

1993 Dallas All-Years Grand Reunion

Marilyn McAdoo '70, Stephen George '68, John Covert '68, Eric Hansen '68, Roy Garner '68, Gary Jacobsen '68, James Nelson '68, Robert Hyde '68, Todd Schafer '68, Dave Garner '70
Janet Taft '67, Claudia Sterling '68, Sande MacHugh '65, Candice Vorhies '65, Linda Bullock '60, Marsha Patrick '60, Ann Moring '68, Linda Pace '68, Gail Lain '68

More pictures from Dallas

1999 Estes Park '66/'68 Mini-Reunion

Dave Smith '68, Bruce Landry '68, Eric Hansen '68, Claudia Sterling Zahorcak '68

More pictures from Estes Park

1996 Reunion of the Century Official Picture

Claudia Sterling Zahorcak, Rosa Lewis Tilton, Kathy McGinley
Bob Hyde, Jim Nelson, John Covert

More pictures from 1996

Pictures from our days at HHS

South Pacific

Push him out, fly him out!

Many Class of 68 juniors help Nellie wash that man out of her hair.
Younger than springtime are you.

Kathy McGinley as Liat.
program from the show.
Fond memories of times past.

The Red Ox.
Go Lions!

The HHS Track Team, Spring 1967.
Queen and Court

Jo Battista, Sam Miller, Stella Soulé, Homecoming 1967.
Hanging out

Nice day. Larger image.
At the MTV Chapel for the Baccalaureate Ceremony

Almost graduation. Larger image.
Modern times

Winter 2007, sent by one of our classmates.
Still my front license plate

I might have a replica made; this is getting pretty ratty.
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