Have a happy and blessed Michaelmas!

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* The Choir of the Church of the Advent, with Organ and Orchestra,
Dr. Edith Ho, Music Director. Recorded September 1996.

Christe, sanctorum decus angelorum,
Rector humani generis et auctor,
Nobis aeternum tribue benignus
   Scandere regnum.
    Angelum nobis, medicum salutis,
Mitte de caelis Raphael, ut omnes
Sanet aegrotos, pariterque nostros
   Dirigat actus.
Angelum pacis Michael ad istam
Caelitus mitte, rogitamus aulam,
Nobis ut crebro veniente crescant
   Prospera cuncta.
    Hic Dei nostri genetrix Maria,
Totus et nobis chorus angelorum
Semper assistat, simul et beata
   Concio tota.
Angelum fortis Gabriel, ut hostem
Pellat antiquum, volitet ab alto,
Saepius templum veniat ad istud
   Misertus nostri.
    Praestet hoc nobis deitas beata
Patris ac Nati, pariterque Sancti
Spiritus, cuius reboat in omni
   Gloria mundo.

This is the office hymn for Lauds on the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels. Attributed to Rabanus Maurus, it is found in many manuscripts subsequent to the ninth century. The text underwent considerable change in the revision of the Roman Breviary by Urban VIII. The present English version was adapted by the Translations Committee, JCRH, from that of Athelstan Riley and Percy Dearmer in the English Hymnal, 1906.

Coelitas plaudant is a melody from the Rouen Antiphoner of 1728. It was harmonized by Ralph Vaughan Williams for the English Hymnal, 1906.